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About The Game

A Top-down Medieval Space Adventure

Physics-based melee focused action combat with RPG and Roguelike elements, embedded in a techno-medieval theme

Illustrated Text-Based Random Events

Inspired by classic fantasy gamebooks and folktales, told in a deep, atmospheric telltale universe of colorful characters and surreal locations

Ship and Resource Management

Starmap travel and exploration, procedural level generation, skills, upgrades and dozens of unlockables

Retro Look with a Modern Flavour

Dynamically lit 2D pixel-art with 60 FPS animation and movement

Deep and Atmospheric Universe

Experience a storybook vision of outer space with Earth-like vistas and out-of-this-world locations. A romantic mixture of archaic and modern, as medieval space-knights clash in front of stylized, metaphorical scenes.

Folktale in a Different Light

Walk the path of a classical folktale hero; the youngest child who prevails against all odds. Encounter Fabular's version of classical folktale items and characters, such as: The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs, Table-Be-Set or Seven-League Boots.

The Story

Once upon a Spacetime there was a kingdom ruled by a benevolent King for a long long time in peace. But one day the dreadful Void Lords – who terrorized the realm as if they were a Seven-Headed Dragon – decided to steal and cage the Sun itself. And so the kingdom was shrouded in darkness...

The King sent his army and his most loyal men to reclaim the Sun, but none of them returned ever since. In the end even his sons, the elder princes rode out to never return. It is now down to the King's youngest to go across the mythical realms of the galaxy to defeat each Void Lord and restore equilibrium to the Kingdom.

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About Us

We are Spiritus Games, an independent studio consisting of 3 industry-veteran game developers with an average of 15 years of experience in the A+ games industry. We believe in artistic intent, creating original content and having high standards. But above all, we believe that if you find someone that you love working with, then special things will happen. We are based in the United Kingdom and Hungary.

We've invested months of endless nights to build up a deep universe for the game - which is a bit insane given our indie stature - but we love doing insane stuff if that makes our game more immersive.

We hope that you will enjoy 'living' in the world of Fabular as much as we enjoy creating it!