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Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is a Medieval Space-folktale indiegame with action-RPG and roguelike influences. You explore an abstract, storybook-like universe as a young space-knight in your trusty ship that functions as your armour, your figurative warhorse and your mobile home as well. You need to manage your resources, upgrade your ship, be skillful in combat and make the right choices during encounters. Only then will you be able to defeat the dreadful League of Black Knights who terrorize the realm as if they were a Seven-Headed Dragon.


It was 1999 when Zed Milner got together with half-dozen of his friends and started developing Drift: When Worlds Collide, a 3D space-sim released later by Brightstar Entertainment. He was 18 at the time, already a successful game programmer and – like every kid out there – fascinated with Space. This fascination never ceased to exist and almost 20 years later, when great distances separated him and his long-time colleague, game designer Milan Batowski, it was this fascination that sparked the idea behind Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime.

When the call was made to do something fun in their free time, it was evidently back to the roots: let’s make a game in Space! What started as a leisure time activity and a hopeful cure to homesickness, two years later resulted in a Kickstarter-ready grandiose vision of a game, when measured by indiegaming standards. Joined by Batowski on the design front, it was clear that they did not want to create an ordinary space shooter. It was always going to be a folktale of some sort with a young knight walking the path of a Hero, prevailing against all odds. But what does a young knight from a folktale look like in Space? Maybe he rides a Space-steed? What if the steed is his spaceship and it’s from Medieval times…

That was the state of the concept that got renowned Hungarian art director and concept artist Peter Meszlenyi so intrigued that he couldn’t resist working on the game concept from then on. He was the final jigsaw in the puzzle and thanks to him a vast background universe was slowly beginning to take form behind the game. Life and fate played its part so that Coder, Designer and Artist were able to join together in their quest to make something original, innovative and hopefully memorable. Let’s hope life and fate allows them to connect with their audience and fulfill their quest together.


  • Top-down, physics-based melee and ranged combat with stylish real-time-lit pixel art visuals and smooth animation
  • An artistic vision of the Middle Ages infused with futuristic elements, as medieval knights clash in armoured spaceships
  • Deep and atmospheric universe with dozens of procedurally generated out-of-this-world locations on an ever-changing starmap
  • Hundreds of randomly generated text based events featuring colorful characters, locations and items inspired by classical folktales such as Table-Be-Set, Seven-League Boots or The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs
  • Multiple playable ship types, upgrades, skills, items and lots of unlockables offering huge replayability value


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About Spiritus Games

Spiritus Games is an independent studio consisting of 3 industry-veteran game developers with an average of 15 years of experience in the A+ games industry. We are a passionate and very small indie team who would like to make something memorable, with everything we've got. We believe in artistic intent, creating original content and having high standards. But above all, we believe that if you find someone that you love working with, then special things will happen. We are based in the United Kingdom and Hungary.

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Milan Batowski
Creative Direction, Game Design & Art - Spiritus Games

Zed Milner
Code & Development - Spiritus Games

Peter Meszlenyi
Art Direction, Concept Art & World Design - Spiritus Games

Joe Domozi (planet4)
Music & SFX, freelancer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks