Spiritus Games
Based in United Kingdom & Hungary

Founding date:
September 1, 2015


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Fabular: Once Upon A Spacetime


Spiritus Games is an independent studio consisting of 3 industry-veteran game developers with an average of 15 years of experience in the A+ games industry. We are a passionate and very small indie team who would like to make something memorable, with everything we've got. We believe in artistic intent, creating original content and having high standards. But above all, we believe that if you find someone that you love working with, then special things will happen. We are based in the United Kingdom and Hungary.


The trio of Zed Milner (Code & Development), Milan Batowski (Game Design & Art) and Peter Meszlenyi (Art Direction & World Design) joined forces in early 2014, when they decided to start working on their first game together independently. But the team members have a much deeper bond than that, dating back to almost 15 years ago.

Batowski and Milner have worked together at a couple of Hungarian big-name companies since the early 2000s, developing A+ games and experimental prototypes for PCs and consoles. They were a perfect match to realize games and prototypes on their own; a programmer with a good knack for design and a multi-talented designer, both having a huge desire for quality in their work. After quitting games development for a while, they stayed together and worked on several smaller projects over the years, while never forgetting about their ultimate goal: to have their own independent games released sometime in the future.

During that period, Batowski and Meszlenyi – who is a renowned Hungarian art director and concept artist – have developed a strong work relation and friendship as well, with their weekly meetings usually culminating in a new game concept or an idea for a universe to play in. It was almost natural how the three would join later under the Spiritus Games banner, when circumstances and fate provided opportunity.



Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime teaser trailer YouTube


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Milan Batowski
Creative Direction, Game Design & Art

Zed Milner
Code & Development

Peter Meszlenyi
Art Direction, Concept Art & World Design

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